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Smashwords: The Future of Independent Publishing

I've written about my fondness for eBooks. And I would like to introduce one of my favorite publishing partners: Smashwords. Of the several online publishers that I'm involved with, Smashwords is the most well-rounded of them all. Smashwords offers an abundant amount of documentation for creating your eBooks, has an impressive distribution channel (including Apple, Barnes and Noble, Sony, etc.), and has a quick payout schedule with a very nice percentage that goes back to the author. As an aspiring or professional author, what more could you want?

I've been asked quite a bit recently about my thoughts on self-publishing. I've been down the path of traditional publishing before. I had a literary agent and my books were submitted to traditional publishers in a traditional fashion. But that model is dying fast. If you don't believe me, look at the music industry. Look at the movie rental business. The Internet is the future. The Internet is the future of book publishing as well. If you are an author, then consider Smashwords. They are the future.


Check out my eBooks on Smashwords.


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